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What is M.E.N. Yoga?

M.E.N. (Make 'Em Naked) Yoga is California's premiere naked men's fitness and yoga destination, based in West Hollywood, CA. At its peak, M.E.N. Yoga offers a weekly schedule of naked yoga and fitness classes for men - including strength & conditioning (FitMen), physique training (Bootycamp, MuscleBeach) and multiple yoga class formats (MENyasa, MENd, MoveMENt). M.E.N. hires top-tier instructors to teach and coach men from almost every continent. M.E.N. Yoga is committed to creating an accepting community for men of all colors, fitness experience, sexual orientations, gender histories and backgrounds. M.E.N. Yoga is proud to deliver the highest quality classes, instructors, experience and products.

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