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Cole is a great instructor even in this distance mode.  His instructions are clear and concise.  I enjoy the class and get a great workout! I TRULY appreciate that there is a monitor who will end the class for lurkers.

-Massachusetts, USA


They are well structured. Cole is very competent and nice. Cole is very communicative outside of class! Just Thank you!!!! I have really enjoyed what I have done so far.

-Chicago, IL, USA


Cole encouraged participants and he kept us moving. I honestly could not believe how quickly the time flew by. It was a good workout, and I am definitely feeling it today. Great workout, made to feel very comfortable, and appreciated opening up the gathering at the end to conversation.

-Jackson, MS, USA


I love that everyone is nude. I go to great group workouts at my gym in Chicago but it's very straight and not nude. You guys are spoiling me. Cole is a great coach/instructor. He understands not all are at the same skill level and provides scaling for many movements. His workouts are tough and I work up a sweat. I wish I lived in LA to take a class there when this [quarantine] ends. Cole also seems like a really nice guy… watching him demo movements is a treat.

-Chicago, IL, USA


I just want to thank you for holding these classes. My gym offers 1 class/day and I don't feel the classes are designed well for people who are at home. I'd rather make a donation to Cole than take the Zoom classes my gym offers that are included in my membership.

-Chicago, IL, USA


I wasn't doing much fitness or yoga during quarantine and now that I've found [M.E.N. Yoga] I feel like I'm getting back into a healthier routine - both mind and body. Thank you guys so much. This has really helped me snap out of that quarantine funk/depression… It relieves that one more added stress some of us are feeling while we are doing these to escape stress. :)

-New York, NY, USA


It's a very body-accepting environment with great poses and tips to keep you healthy and fit. The pacing is great… It’s impressive how comfy I feel doing naked yoga and how much I’ve learned to practice strength and control! Nice job!

-New York, NY, USA


The sophistication of the exercises and the intensity I need to get stronger and more adapt at the moves. The classes don't feel like the sequences were just slapped together like some virtual classes feel like at times.

-Arizona, USA


I like that it brings us together in this time of quarantine and helps us connect as a community. I also really enjoy the challenging variety of of classes available. 



The instructors are great and I feel like I’m getting a good workout. I’ve done other classes on Facebook but without the cameras on you just don’t feel as accountable as you are seen. Just keep it up!  I’m grateful for your classes and actually hope they continue even after we get back to “normal”.

-California, USA

I like the opportunity to get in touch with my body in an environment that celebrates the male form. I appreciate the energy that permeates a body positive space for men that is free from inhibition and shame. Thank you for doing what you're doing… Your classes have been a reminder of how much I used to appreciate having that in my life. Great job!

-San Francisco, CA, USA


The instructor is clear and the program is interesting. Thanks for the opportunity.

-Australia, Western Australia


Instructor is knowledgable, great flow to classes and the teacher is [a] (bonus).

-California, USA


Nude workouts leave me feeling less-sticky! Thank you for the hard work!

-California, USA

Challenging enough to make me sweat and feel better. Cole inspired me to start and to keep going.

-California, USA

I liked the poses, the instructor's voice was very calming. I also liked the instructor did the poses with us so I could see and correct my body.

-New Jersey, USA


Constant instruction during classes; challenging despite being a home workout with limited equipment; workout changes each week; men-only

-California, USA

Cole's calming directions and the soothing music made me feel so relaxed as we flowed through the poses. I came out of the class feeling so relaxed and peaceful.

-California, USA

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