Do I have to be naked?

M.E.N. yoga classes (MENyasa, MENd, MoveMENt) are naked-only. We believe in the healing and empowering potential of practicing yoga fully removed of clothing for men, both as individuals and as a community. M.E.N. Yoga is committed to fostering a safe, private and judgement-free space and accepting environment. For the Zoom yoga classes offered in our Men At Home online program, we ask that all men participate naked but know that this is not always possible with the limitations of being at home and concerns about privacy online. For these reasons, underwear or shorts are acceptable in M.E.N. Zoom yoga classes only. 

M.E.N. fitness classes (FitMen, Bootycamp, MuscleBeach) are naked optional classes, where wearing athletic shorts or underwear is considered acceptable attire.

Do I have to be good at yoga?
No! We love working with men who are brand new to yoga! Our instructors are trained to focus on alignment and safety, to provide modifications and options for men of varying skill sets, and to understand that yoga looks different in every body.

What if I get an erection during class?
Getting a boner when surrounded by other naked people is natural. M.E.N. Yoga is committed to fostering a body-positive environment that celebrates the male form and all its variations. If you get hard during class, there is no need to hide it or feel shame. If you experience feeling sexual energy during a class, we encourage you to focus it into your yoga practice or workout. We also recognize that not all male-identifying bodies have the same anatomy. M.E.N. Yoga is a committed safe and welcoming space to all men, including trans men.

Is there a sexual element involved in class?
No. While we fully encourage the safe and consensual exploration of men's sexuality, our classes at M.E.N. Yoga are are never sexual. We stress that our emphasis is on providing a safe space for all men to explore the healing and empowering potential of yoga and fitness through a community of men and individual male expression. We encourage our members to connect with their minds, bodies and community during class. We support safe and consensual cultivation of any connections between our men off the mat.

Where is the studio located? I don't see the address on the website.
Create an account with your email to join our M.E.N. Yoga community and to view details on the class schedules and studio address. When you reserve a spot for a class, you will get an email with an address confirmation. 

ONLINE ONLY: See our Men At Home Class FAQ page under the Men At Home tab for information on how to book a Zoom class.

What is the Studio Experience Team?
M.E.N. Yoga Studio Experience Team (SET) is a program that offers limited volunteer opportunities for a reduced price per class. If you are interested in joining the SET program, please email


Do you have a scholarship program?

M.E.N. Yoga offers a scholarship program for individuals who are unable to attend classes due to financial reasons, as well as scholarships for BIPOC and trans men. If you would like to inquire about the scholarship program, please reach out to us privately at