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M.E.N. Yoga is committed to creating an accepting community for men of all colors, ages, fitness levels, sexual orientations and gender histories. We recognize that not all male-identifying bodies have the same anatomy. M.E.N. Yoga is a committed safe and welcoming space to all men, including trans men.

M.E.N. Yoga will always stand with all Black and BIPOC communities and the full diversity of people they represent, including LGBTQIA+ people of color. Systemic and institutional racism against black people in the United States must be acknowledged and combatted until major reform for equality, safety, rights and anti-racism have been successfully put into effect at every level of our communities and society.

As a brand new fitness company, M.E.N. yoga is committed to learning more about how to bring the changes we seek in the yoga and fitness industry. We urge all other fitness companies and professionals to do the same. We stand for what is irrefutably right: sweeping reforms for equality, visibility, access, inclusion, and safety for our black and BIPOC members, clients, instructors, co-workers, friends, peers and communities. Everyone must contribute.


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